Strata Scratch Problem Sets

Problem sets, exercises, and educational guides for SQL and python. These exercises are specifically tailored for business and marketing analytics students and novices.

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Welcome to the Blog, Guides, and Exercises Page

Our articles, guides, and analytical exercises are listed on this page but can also be accessed and downloaded on our GitHub.

Helpful Resources To Get You Started


Keep up-to-date with the latest analytic techniques

How To Use Strata Scratch Introductory Material

Business Analytics Guides and Problem Sets


SQL Guides To Use For Reference

SQL Lectures By Level

SQL Practice Problem Sets


Clicking on a link will open Google CoLab which runs Jupyter notebooks on your browser without any software installation. You can download the file as an ipynb and open it using CoLab on your Google Drive, using Jupyter Notebooks, or Anaconda if you have it installed locally.

Jupyter Notebook Guide To Get You Started

This guide will help you set up and run Jupyter Notebooks with Google CoLab, execute python code, and explore datasets in Strata Scratch. If you are new to using python with Strata Scratch, this is the first guide to read.

Python Beginner Guides - Getting Started

Python Intermediate Guides - Data Cleaning, Manipulating, and Exploring Techniques

Python Advanced Guides - Utilizing Python Libraries and Advanced Mathematical Techniques

Practice Problem Sets

Case studies for any analytical tool

(SQL, Python, R, Tableau, etc)