Strata Scratch Problem Sets

Problem sets, exercises, and educational guides for SQL and python. These exercises are specifically tailored for business and marketing analytics students and novices.

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Advanced SQL Exercises



  1. Give back all SAT scores from students whose highschool name does NOT end with ‘HS’

    Tables: sat_scores

  2. What is the old to young ratio per olympic game? Young are people whose age <= 30, while old are those whose age >= 45.

    Tables: olympics_athletes_events

  3. Which day of the week would it be best to trade in AAPL stock? What about the best day in a month? Find the average opening and closing prices. (Hint: You can use EXTRACT(‘dow’ FROM date) to get the day of week)

    Tables: aapl_historical_stock_price

  4. Find all hotels in the Netherlands where guests complain about dirty rooms. (Hint: Search for the word dirty in negative_review)

    Tables: hotel_reviews

  5. Using a self join on the titanic dataset find the average absolute fare difference between age groups which are in same pclass and which are comprised of non-survivors. Assume that two passengers are in the same age group if their ages are less than 5 years apart.

    Tables: titanic

  6. Fix the review_date in the hotel_reviews dataset to be of proper YYYY-MM-DD format. (Hint: You should be versatile and liberal in your slicing of the date format, type conversion and whatever it takes)

    Tables: hotel_reviews

  7. Find the average rating of each movie star along with their name and birthday. (Hint: Use inner queries)

    Tables: nominee_filmography, nominee_information

  8. Enhance the query from question 7 to calculate the difference in average rating along the years. You can ignore the name column. (Hint: LAG function)

    Tables: nominee_filmography, nominee_information

  9. Find the most expensive products on Amazon for each product category. Use the price column (Hint: Use subquery joins)

    Tables: innerwear_amazon_com

  10. Find the products which are exclusive to Amazon compared to Top Shop and Macy’s. Two products are considered equal if they have the same brand name and same price.

    Tables: innerwear_amazon_com, innerwear_topshop_com, innerwear_macys_com

  11. Find all users which are located in Italy but do not speak Italian. You must also filter away all non control group entries and the device they used must be a Nexus 5.

    Tables: playbook_experiments, playbook_users

  12. Who is the student who has the median writing score? What is the 80th percentile of hours studied?

    Tables: sat_scores

  13. Find Yelp reviews about food. Search for keywords like food, pizza, sandwich or burger. Find the business address and the state.

    Tables: yelp_reviews, yelp_business

  14. Find the date when Apple’s opening stock price reached maximum.

    Tables: aapl_historical_stock_price

  15. What is the average number of days between booking and check-in dates for AirBnB hosts?

    Tables: airbnb_contacts