Strata Scratch Problem Sets

Problem sets, exercises, and educational guides for SQL and python. These exercises are specifically tailored for business and marketing analytics students and novices.

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Basic SQL Exercises



  1. How many of passengers embarked on the Titanic?

    Table: datasets.titanic

  2. How many passengers were in first class (pclass = 1), were women and have survived the sinking (survived=1)?

    Tables: datasets.titanic

  3. How many athletes participated in the 2014 combine?

    Tables: datasets.nfl_combine

  4. What is the average weight of all the athletes?

    Tables: datasets.nfl_combine

  5. How many athletes were drafted into NFL in 2015?

    Tables: datasets.nfl_combine

  6. How many accounts performed a login in 2016?

    Tables: datasets.product_logins

  7. What were the top 10 songs in 2010? Include the rank, group name, and song name from highest ranked song to lowest.

    Tables: datasets.billboard_top_100_year_end

  8. What is Samantha’s and Lisa’s total sales revenue?

    Tables: datasets.sales_performance

  9. What is the average SAT score by school? Rank by highest average SAT score.

    Tables: datasets.sat_scores

  10. Count the number of user events by event_name from users on a macbook pro. Output should be ranked with highest event count first.

    Tables: datasets.playbook_events