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QB Stats Exercises

This dataset gives information on every NFL game and every passer over 5000 regular season games from 1996 to 2016. The excel files supply us with over ten thousand quarterbacks’ names over 21 years and specify the success of each one. Each year contains every single game from that season and gives statistics like completions, attempts, yards, and an overall rating for the quarterback for that game.

The exercises below uses the datasets.qbstats_1996_2016 table.

Question 1

Who are the quarterbacks who have achieved high average game points during their careers?

Question 2

Who were the top 10 quaterbacks judged by their rating (the rate column)?

Question 3

Who were the top 10 quarterbacks with the highest game points in 2016?

Question 4

Where did the quarterbacks perform better in 2016, at home or away?

Question 5

What is the average number of game points won for each year?

Question 6

Who throws the longest in 2016?

Question 7

Who had the most touchdowns (TD) in 2016?

Question 8

Which quarterback played the most games in 2016?

Question 9

Which quarterback had the least amount of interceptions in 2016?

Question 10

Which quarterback has the most QB that tried to throw the ball in 2016?