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Spotify Exercises

The table used on this exercise provides information about the ranking of popular songs worldwide. The following questions are provided with the correct SQL query and graphs using the graphics function in Strata Scratch.

Use the datasets.spotify_worldwide_daily_song_ranking table to answer the questions below.

Question 1

Which songs have more than 3 million streams?

Question 2

Which songs had been frequently placed in the top 1 position over the years?

Question 3

Which artists have been on Spotify the most?

Question 4

Which artists had the most top 10 songs over the years?

Question 5

Which songs have less than 2000 streams?

Question 6

What are the top 10 songs listened to?

Question 7

What is the average number of streams over all songs?

Question 8

How many streams are in the top 100?

Question 9

What is the highest number of streams in the dataset?

Question 10

Which songs are placed in the positions 8-10?