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Problem sets, exercises, and educational guides for SQL and python. These exercises are specifically tailored for business and marketing analytics students and novices.

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Yelp Exercises

This exercise includes a table of various data gathered on Yelp. Try to answer the following questions with the appropriate SQL query and create graphs using the graphics function in Strata Scratch.

Description of datasets.yelp_business

The datasets.yelp_business table contains various data gathered on Yelp such as users, reviews, ratings, business address and categories.

Question 1

What are the top 5 states with the most 5 star businesses?

Question 2

What are the top 5 cities with the most 5 star businesses? Limit visualization to 10.

Question 3

What are the top 5 businesses with the most reviews?

Question 4

What are the top category businesses most people review for?

Question 5

What are the most one star review businesses from yelp?

Question 6

How many businesses are open?

Question 7

What is the average stars of each states?

Description of datasets.yelp_checkin

The datasets.yelp_checkin table provides the amount of check-ins each business has and when that check-in took place. Check-ins are offered with rewards that businesses give to customers whenever they “check-in” to the business on Yelp. By using the check-in feature, customers are able to broadcast to their friends on Yelp that they’re at your business.

Question 8

What are the top 5 businesses with the most check-ins?